wheelchair star wars

Foldable design, easy to carry.
Soft and comfortable seat.
Four caster braking design is more convenient and safe.
Thick steel pipe material, super high bear-load.
Storage bag design, convenient and more intimate.
Economic and cost-effective.

Renjie Medical Technology is a professional enterprise that produces wheelchairs, walking aids,hospital furniture series,toilet chairs and other products. Advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and strict management are the foundation of the company’s continuous development, and products that can win user support. We have patented products with ISO, CE, RoHS, FDA certificates and test reports.

Since its establishment, we have continuously contributed to the development of rehabilitation machinery and equipment through our strong professional background. We have laid out intelligent manufacturing and service systems with internet thinking, upgraded our entire product line with sincere craftsmanship, and created an advanced new system for research and development, production, manufacturing, and service sales. Our goal is to provide comfortable and high-quality products to customers around the world.

Product Namewheelchair star wars
Plastic Materialsimitation leather,double cross bracing,Aluminum Alloy…
Brand NameRENJIE
Place of OriginHengshui,China
Product TypeWheelchair
FeatureEasy to fold…
Packaging Size(cm)83 * 29 * 94 (Please consult us for specific details)
PackageCarton packing
Weight Capacity(Kg)187
Export regionOceania,Asia,Europe…
Export CountryUSA,France,Italy,Australia,Cyprus,Peru,Eritrea…etc
Net Weight13 Kg
Applicationdisabled people,temporary disability…etc
After-sale ServiceOnline technical support
CertificationFDA certificates,CE,RoHS…etc
Endurance20-30 km
Lead time (days)20-30(To be negotiated)
OtherCan accept custom order

 Please note: The above table data is for reference only. For specific information, please contact us.

Whether due to age, illness, or accidents, everyone may encounter mobility difficulties. At this point, the wheelchair star wars can play its maximum role. It is not just a tool, but also a hope and support. Wheelchairs accompany users throughout the streets and alleys, experiencing the beauty of sunshine, scenery, and life together.

wheelchair star wars—FAQs Guide

1.Can the rear wheel position of the wheelchair star wars be adjusted to adapt to different usage scenarios?

Yes, some wheelchairs have adjustable rear wheel positions that can be changed to adapt to different usage scenarios. This allows for better maneuverability and stability in different environments, such as tight spaces or rough terrain. Some wheelchairs also have the option to switch between a standard rear wheel position and a more tilted position for increased speed and efficiency. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional or the manufacturer to determine the appropriate rear wheel position for your specific needs.

2.As a wheelchair star wars manufacturer,Do you provide any after-sales service ?

We provide offer 12 months warranty for all our products. Within 12 months after the purchase, if the product itself has quality problems, we will provide free parts and after-sales guidance.

3.About wheelchair star wars,What is the shipping method?

It could be shipped by sea,by air or by express(EMS,UPS,DHL,TNT,FEDEX and ect).Please confirm with us before placing orders.

4.Can the seat height be adjusted independently?

We have flexible production capacity. Whether you are large orders or small orders, you can produce and release goods in a timely manner to meet customer needs.
It depends on the specific seat and its design. Some seats may have a lever or mechanism that allows for independent adjustment of the seat height, while others may have a fixed height that cannot be adjusted. It is best to check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to determine if a seat has independent seat height adjustment.

Can the seat height be adjusted independently?

5.How do folding and collapsible features in wheelchair star wars enhance portability and convenience for users who lead active lifestyles?

We pay attention to the transformation of intellectual property protection and innovation achievements. Your OEM or ODM order design we have a complete confidentiality system.

1. Easy Transportation: Folding and collapsible wheelchairs are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport. This is especially beneficial for individuals who lead active lifestyles and need to travel frequently. These wheelchairs can easily fit into a car trunk, on public transportation, or even on a plane.

2. Convenience: The folding and collapsible features make it easy for users to store their wheelchair when not in use. This is particularly useful for individuals who have limited space in their homes or need to store their wheelchair in a small apartment or dorm room.

3. Portability: The compact size and lightweight design of folding and collapsible wheelchairs make them highly portable. This allows users to take their wheelchair with them wherever they go, whether it’s to work, school, or on a trip. This gives users the freedom to be more independent and participate in various activities without worrying about accessibility.

4. Versatility: Folding and collapsible wheelchairs are designed to be versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. They can be easily folded and unfolded, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows users to navigate different terrains and environments without having to switch to a different wheelchair.

5. Easy Storage: The folding and collapsible features also make it easier to store the wheelchair in a small space, such as a closet or under a bed. This is especially beneficial for individuals who live in small apartments or have limited storage space.

6. User-Friendly: Folding and collapsible wheelchairs are designed to be user-friendly, with simple mechanisms that make it easy for users to fold and unfold the wheelchair without assistance. This allows users to be more self-sufficient and reduces the need for a caregiver or assistant.

7. Customization: Many folding and collapsible wheelchairs come with customizable features, such as adjustable seat height and backrest angle, to provide users with a comfortable and personalized fit. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who lead active lifestyles and need a wheelchair that can adapt to their changing needs.

8. Cost-Effective: Folding and collapsible wheelchairs are often more affordable than traditional wheelchairs, making them a cost-effective option for individuals who need a wheelchair for occasional use or for short-term recovery. This also makes it easier for users to have a backup wheelchair in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.

6.Who invented the first wheelchair?

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement to maintain a competitive advantage.
The first wheelchair was invented by an unknown inventor in ancient Greece around the 6th century BC. It was a simple wheeled chair used to transport people with mobility impairments. However, the first modern wheelchair was invented by John Dawson in 1783.

7.Does the wheelchair star wars come with adjustable seat cushions and backrests?

Our wheelchair star wars products undergo strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.
It depends on the specific wheelchair model. Some wheelchairs may come with adjustable seat cushions and backrests, while others may not. It is important to check the product specifications or contact the manufacturer to confirm if the wheelchair has these features.

8.About wheelchair star wars,Can I do customized size?

Yes. We accept customization.

About wheelchair star wars,Can I do customized size?

9.What is the most common reason for needing a wheelchair star wars?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers.
The most common reason for needing a wheelchair is mobility impairment, which can be caused by a variety of conditions such as spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and arthritis.

10.What is the cost of a wheelchair star wars?

We have rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and have strong competitiveness in the market.
The cost of a wheelchair can vary greatly depending on the type, features, and brand. On average, a basic manual wheelchair can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, while a motorized wheelchair can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more. Customized or specialized wheelchairs can cost even more. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional or wheelchair provider for specific pricing information.

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