Medical Equipment Bed Electric ICU Eight Functions Bed Hospital Medical Bed with Chair Position

  1. Material: Steel
  2. Side Panel: ABS
  3. Brand Name: RENJIE
  4. Load Capacity: 250kg

Hospital Medical Bed:

Medical 8 Function Hospital ICU Electric Patient Bed with Length Extension and Heart Chair Position

1.Bed frame and leg are all made of cold-rolled steel plate and tube and coated by electrostatic spray after twice phospatization.
2. 4 Part steel bed plate, the back plate is electroplated plate, X-ray available.
3. It is equipped with LINAK motor imported from Denmark which is quiet and noiseless and able to support over 250kgs.
4. The hospital medical bed has an extended length, which is more convenient to take care of patients.
5. The Head and foot board, side Rails are all made of imported PP materials. The Head and foot board are convenient to be disassembled, and can double as CPR first aid to meet clinical needs.
6. 12.5cm centralized control of high strength, high wear resistance silent casters, so that the bed movement is flexible, light and convenient.
7. Easy lifting ABS guardrail, two pieces on each side, anti-collision to ensure patient safety.
– The embedded controller is located on two guardrails at the feet and the headside guardrails have an Angle indicator for the backrest.
– External panels for nursing staff and inner panels for patients to prevent transmission of infection.
– The outer side can independently operate Hi-LO, back, knee, Trendlenberg position, CPR button, one button chair position, quickly restore the horizontal state of the bed board in emergency.
8. Electric/manual CPR: One-click operation of electric CPR is simple and convenient. Manual CPR can make the backrest return to the emergency position in the case of insufficient power to ensure patient safety. It is equipped with damping device to prevent the backrest from falling instantaneously and can be operated with one hand.
9. Built-in emergency backup battery can maintain all functions in case of power failure.
10. There are 4 holes at the end of the bed to assemble the liquid holder.
11. There are anti-collision wheels around the hospital medical bed to reduce the risk of moving.
12. Weighting scale system(optional)

Produce nameEight Functions Electric ICU bedH&F boardone pair
modelRJ-E801Side rail4 pcs
Weight capacity250kgDouble side casters4 pcs
Overall size2025-2230*1050*500-1000mmLinear Motor6 pcs
CPR Functions: AvailableBack-up battery1pcs
Head raised0-75°Mattress1pcs
Leg raised0° -45°Overbed table1pcs
Height adjustable500-900mmIV hole2 provisions
Trendelenburg position0-12°IV drip pole1pcs
Reverse Trendelenburg position0-12°Urine holeOptional


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